Eiger Insurance Services is an aviation insurance underwriting entity focused on a specialization in general aviation insurance and aerospace risk exposures. Including Aircraft Hull and Liability, Unmanned UAV Aircraft Hull and Liability, Commercial General Liability, Airport Liability, Aerospace Manufacturers Products Liability, Non-owned Aircraft Liability, Aerial Applicator Chemical Liability, Control Tower Liability, Excess Liability, and other aviation insurance coverage.


We are a leading Managing General Underwriter providing general aviation insurance solutions with passion, integrity, and the customer service deserved.  Aviation is a specialized insurance segment with limited capacity in the marketplace due to the uniqueness and overall complexity of the type of risk.  Our team has the experience and knowledge that is trusted for any aviation insurance need.

Aviation Insurance History

In the early 20th century, seven years after the first powered flight at Kitty Hawk,  Lloyd’s of London wrote the first-ever aviation insurance policy in 1911.


The marine insurance underwriting community underwrote the first aviation insurance policies.  Due to the unique aspects of aviation, it was realized that there should be industry specialists in this portion of insurance.   In 1934 the International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) set up the first aviation committee and created the International Union of Aviation Insurers (IUAI). To this day, the London insurance market remains the largest center for aviation insurance.


The greatest percentage of the world’s general aviation fleet is in the United States, creating the need for a domestic specialized aviation insurance market.


Having a background in Aviation gives the Eiger Insurance team the expertise and specialization that can be relied on.  Not only are we experts in aviation insurance, but we are pilots as well.

know your Aviation Insurance Coverage

Understanding the terms and conditions of aviation insurance coverage is vitally important and should be considered early in any aviation endeavor.   Sitting at the threshold is not the time to worry about insurance.  While there are many aspects to acquiring aviation insurance, please consider these three key steps:


Plan ahead

Starting a new business, buying a new aircraft, make sure that Aviation Insurance is part of the check-list.




Contact an Aviation Insurance Broker and involve them in the process early on.  Let them know of any changes that occur.



Confirm with an Aviation Insurance Broker that coverage is in-effect as intended and that the coverages are understood.

Eiger Insurance Services
Nostalgic past - progressive future

Aviation Insurance
is our profession.

All we do at Eiger Insurance Services is Aviation Insurance.  Sixty years of combined experience in Aviation makes us an industry leader.   Our underwriters understand as they have come from an aviation background, giving them real-world experience that can be relied on.

Eiger Insurance Services Mission


Doing the best job possible when no one else is looking.


Knowing the difference between what you have the legal right to do and what is the right thing to do.


The most valuable asset that can be provided to a customer.


Identifying your problems (risks) but giving your power and energy to solutions.


Ability to adapt and respond to changing market conditions without jeopardizing underwriting integrity.

Belive In Others

Respect and trust of others create successful partnerships.

At Eiger Insurance, we work with a select group of specialized independent aviation insurance agencies and brokers.
Specialized Independent agencies and brokers can provide the benefit and services needed.